• 29/04/2012 - Website launch

  • An international leader in providing advanced water solutions to improve the quality of life of populations coping with a shortage of high quality water.

  • Mekorot Development & Enterprise Ltd is a subsidiary of Mekorot, the national water company of Israel, and is the international business unit of Mekorot.
    Mekorot was established in 1937 in order to meet the existential challenges of residents who live in the desert and go through prolonged periods of drought and a constant shortage of water.
    Thanks to groundbreaking creative thinking, major investments in research and development of innovative technologies,
    Mekorot managed over the years to deal successfully with these unique challenges.

    Today, when lack of water threatens to become a global crisis, Mekorot is sharing it's proven capabilities globally. For this purpose,
    Mekorot Development & Enterprise Ltd utiilizes research knowledge, operational experience and advanced technology accumulated in the past 75 years in order to create unique solutions for complex projects in the water sector.

    Mekorot is most sensitive for environmental values, preserving nature and landscape. Mekorot is focused in its efforts to preserve water resources for future generations. The company's environmental vision is manifested in constant search for opportunities to reduce use of natural resources and environmental protection, maximizing efficiency, development and deployment of green technologies.

    Planning and construction of water infrastructures and transmission are done by
    EMS Mekorot Ltd, a sister company of Mekorot Development & Enterprise Ltd.


Mekorot in Numbers
80% of drinking water supply in Israel
70% of Israel's water supply
1.4 Billion  cubic meters of water supply annually
360 Million cubic meters of recycled agricultural water
1,050 Drillings in Israel
32 Water Desalination facilities
50 Applied researches per year
AAA Maximal credit rating by Maalot S&P